Brand bij Chemie-Pack in Moerdijk; 5 januari 2011

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967RT @NoelKanhai: america would panic and start to think that it's a terrorist attack. the dutch look and say 'GROTE VUURBAL JONGUH'. - Hahaha
510RT @CM_OD: 'Grote vuurbal jonguh' does show what most dutch people are like. Big explosion, no panic, just make jokes about it and it'll all
504RT @adoreShawtyMane: GROTE VUURBAL JONGUH!
471RT @Roelof_Prins: America would be in panic and think of terrorist attack. The dutch look and say GROTE VUURBAL JONGUH #bestcountryintheworl
446RT @20prospect: GROTE VUURBAL JONGUH ! I have absolutely no idea what this means, but it's Dutch and it's trending, so I'll post it and try
300Grote vuurbal jonguh
270RT @SuperrKelsey: Geachte inwoners van Moerdijk, wat u dadelijk hoort is NIET, ik herhaal NIET het luchtalarm. Het is Jennifer Ewbank op RTL
251RT @nicolettevandam: Heftige foto's #Moerdijk: /via
235RT @ohmaygod: holy shiat. these crazy dutch people can make anything trending : ''GROTE VUURBAL JONGUH''
180RT @nickhaverkort: Een giftig fabrieksterrein in Moerdijk staat in brand en 'GROTE VUURBAL JONGUH' is trending. Fijn dat we zo'n meelevend v

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